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Art, Life & Amanda Fe

artist statement

“Art is so much like a human being; growing, regressing, maturing,

succumbing…it is alive. It can hurt. It can heal. It can offend. It can educate.

  To make art is to discover oneself. This self discovery and self acceptance that art facilitates is what drives my creativity. I paint the positive, capture the beautiful, communicate what words cannot. I continuously search for new ways to create a work of art that moves people. It is a complex process.

  I do not want to frame the grotesque. I do not want to expose people to darkness.

  My art is simple…it celebrates life.”


Featured Artwork

This piece is the beginning of my Heaven Series. After I drew all my studies, I immediately reached for my canvas…drew and painted. My soul was prepared for I worked seamlessly and without much struggle.

artist profile

Amanda Fe “Mandy” Echevarria is an artist-teacher and curator. She finished her BA in Art Studies majoring in Theater Arts and Creative Wriitng at the University of the Philippines, Diliman. She represented the Philippines at the Indonesian Art and Culture Exchange program (2008) for her post graduate studies. She also finished her MA in Art Education at Boston University, Massachusetts, USA…